Live Casino Black Jack

Blackjack is a relatively simple game that is played between the dealer and a single player, no matter how many players are at a table. Each player is dealt two cards with which they can stick, fold or take another card. The aim of the game is to reach a card value of 21 without exceeding this value.

Players that exceed 21 are bust and out of the game, losing their bets. It is possible to win without reaching the value of 21; players simply need a higher value hand than the dealers at the end of the round.

How do you play blackjack at a live casino?

Playing live blackjack is almost identical to the way it is played in a casino. A live casino offers a high quality video feed of a casino room or studio in which a specific game is being played. There is a live dealer organizing the game and dealing the cards, but the players are all online and not physically present, meaning that all bets are done in a virtual capacity.

As with a land-based casino, live blackjack tends to have a seat limit, usually seven. Once the player has claimed a seat, all seats do not need to be full in order for the game to progress, the game will then move onto the betting stage. Players will place their bets, and then the deal will begin.

The dealer will give two cards to each player; face up on the table so that the player at home can see their cards. At this point the dealer can communicate with the player or the player can simply make their selection via the virtual screen. The dealer will be notified what the player’s decision is, and the play will continue. Any player that chooses to hit, split or double down will be dealt more cards. Once the results are in, the winnings will be paid out accordingly, which players will find added instantly to their online casino account.

European version of blackjack

Most live blackjack games will follow the European version. This game tends to be played at both standard and high stakes tables as well as Common Draw. Betting limits will vary, and some casinos will offer a number of the same blackjack games with varying bet limits. These are usually clearly displayed on the description of the game.

Live chat function

While at the table, players have the chance to chat to the dealers by typing in the small chat box on the corner of the virtual screen. The dealer will be able to read the message and can or will respond verbally back to the player. Players can also chat to each other whilst the game is in progress.

However, it is worth noting that there are strict rules surrounding the player to dealer chat function. Often players will try to be distracting, rude or offensive. If a player is caught performing in such a manner they can have their account suspended.

Technical difficulties

If there are ever any technical difficulties; a computer freezes, a mobile device runs out of battery or the Internet goes down, the hand that is being played will not get lost. Instead, a default action of stand is employed so that even with the player disconnected, there is still a chance to win.

It should be noted that this disconnection policy is not the same across the board, but rather the most common. Players are advised to check the disconnection policy of the specific provider they are using before playing.

Blackjack Party

Blackjack Party from Evolution Gaming offers a lower stakes variant of the game. Promoting a party atmosphere, the live game features a duo of dealers. One is the dealer and the other takes the role of presenter or hostess. They engage in lively banter, creating an entertaining and sociable environment, perfect for someone who wants to have a fun time but cannot reach a casino from their house.

Party for seven

As with other blackjack variants, Party only has seats for seven players, but there are a number of betting options in play, such as ‘bet behind’ that allows for an almost unlimited number of players to enjoy the game. Players who have seats can also partake of the bet behind option, all the while enjoying friendly and fun encouragement from the dealer duo.

A hot player is highlighted; allowing waiting players to identify them, and a number will be displayed showing how many rounds they have won. Players can then essentially place bets on the hot player with the hope of increasing their own chances of winning. These bets tend to be low stakes and allow waiting players to join a small piece of the action. The bet behind option is unlimited so theoretically a player can place a bet behind every single player sitting at the table.

American rules of blackjack

The actual game play follows the American rules of blackjack. There are eight decks in play with the dealer standing on a soft 17. Hands can be split just the one time, and doubling down is allowed for just the first two cards. Minimum bets are set at 5 euros with 1000 euros being the top bet, allowing for a good range of players to join in and have some fun.

Blackjack VIP

Blackjack VIP tables come in different stakes levels and tend to be clearly denoted by the name, such as silver, platinum, diamond and fortune to show their hierarchy. The game play is exactly the same. The only differences are in the stakes, the dressing of the casino background and sometimes in the dealers themselves – quite often the more attractive dealers are to be found on the VIP tales.

The luxurious way to play blackjack

Dedicated live tables are the most expensive option, and these are expensive for both player and casino, and as such are the least common live blackjack format to be found. For many players, the extra cash is worth it, as these tables will be kept for specific players only.

The dealers will stay the same so the player gets to know the dealer over time as they play. The casino will also offer table specific promotions, all in an environment specifically tailored by the casino. This is a truly luxurious way to experience live blackjack.

Other Betting Options

Aside from the bet behind, other side bet options include the 21 + 3 bet and Perfect Pairs, however, these are for players once they are seated at the table. A Perfect Pair bet increases payouts if the initial pair of cards they are dealt make a pair of any kind. Placing another side bet of 21 + 3 will offer the player an opportunity to win a number of poker style combinations from their first two cards and the one dealer card that is shown.

The last betting option is called pre-decision. It allows the player to decide in advance if they will hit, stand, split or double down. This is done at the same time as the first player is making their decision and so the other players don’t have to wait their turn. It moves the game along faster, offering players more hands within an hour and therefore more winning opportunities.

Game Choice

Whichever version of blackjack a player chooses to play, it is essential that they read all the details, rules and betting options that each blackjack game offers to ensure that they are playing the most suitable game for their level of skill.

Live blackjack is a fun and lively game, though it is not for the faint hearted. Newcomers would do well to test their skills on a virtual option before transitioning to a live game.