Live Casino Dealers

Live casinos are taking the online casino world by storm. For years, online players could only access virtual casino games when playing from home. The thrill of a real dealer was something that was left to land-based casinos.

With the arrival of live casinos, players are now able to bring the atmosphere of a real casino straight to their homes. Instead of relying on an audited computer algorithm for gaming fairness, players now get to experience their games as performed by a live dealer.

Live Casino Dealers

The last twenty years has seen leaps and bounds in technology and the ability to communicate. Before this the idea of live dealers would have been unheard of. Now, with the advent of live high quality video feeds, players can communicate with live dealers in a live online game. These dealers will act in the exact same way that dealers do in land-based casinos. They follow the same procedures, and have similar strict training processes.

In general, the role of a live dealer is very similar to that of a dealer in a brick and mortar casino. They are the face of the casino and are primarily there to deal cards and to make the players feel comfortable.

Read players requests

Live dealers will monitor the chat feeds in order to follow what the players want to do, they monitor the screens that provide the player information, and they also deal the cards or spin the wheel within the game.

Their task is slightly less complex than in a land based casino as they do not have to deal with money but can instead concentrate on dealing correctly and following player instructions. Live dealers also do not have to calculate any winnings, as the computer system that has had the player’s bid and decisions inputted will automatically do this. Winnings get placed directly into the player’s account without the live dealer needing to be a part of it.

However, it is still important that they deal correctly and understand all the rules of the game. A mistake is still a mistake after all and could cost either the player or the casino dearly.

What It Takes To Become a Live Casino Dealer

It might sound like the dream job if you like playing at a casino, but is being a live dealer all that it’s cracked up to be? For the most part the job of a dealer is to blend into the background. They need to deal the cards correctly, shuffle, spin and more, all in an unobtrusive way. For the most part, players pay absolutely no attention to the dealer at all; they are simply part of the equipment that helps them make money.

However, the instant something goes wrong, they then become the centre of attention. All players at the table will be ready to lay into them for their mistake.

Casino dealers undergo rigorous training before they are permitted to work on the casino floor, or on a live casino table. For many dealers, it is necessary to take multiple classes. Each game will require different skill sets from the dealer. For example, most blackjack classes can last up to two months before a dealer is deemed qualified to deal for real as there are a multitude of different rules that can be put in play.

Likewise there are a number of different live poker variants that will also require careful learning – it is important that dealers can tell which the highest hands are in an instant; delays in the game can cause irritation in the players. In some cases, days can be spent simply learning how to shuffle before moving on to the finer points such as game rules and mathematics

For the most part, the format is set out as learning theory, practice and then an exam. Casinos will have different criteria as to what constitutes a pass. In addition, different casinos might also have their own training methods, so a qualified dealer from one casino might need to undergo further training before they can work for another one.

Qualified as a dealer

Once qualified and out at the live tables, the learning and monitoring does not end there. All dealers are constantly observed by a floor manager who regularly checks all aspects of their dealing. On occasion a floor manager will provide advice and constructive criticism, but they are also there for the dealer to ask for help as well. Performances out on the table are graded regularly so that dealers know where they stand and can improve their performance where necessary.

It can be a long day for a dealer whose average shift is eight hours. Focus and attention to detail is the key as any mind wandering can be severely detrimental to the game play. As with players, it is important that dealers come to work in a calm frame of mind and are not in an overly emotional state that may potentially have harming effects on their work.

High rollers, in particular, are very quick to notice negativity and a lack of interest and may make complaints or leave the casino entirely, a big loss to any casino. In order to combat lack of focus, dealers are usually switched from a table every thirty minutes and moved to a new one in order to keep both them and the game fresh.

Chat function

The chat function in live casinos is also very important to the players. It is through this that they get the ambience of a real land based casino, and the ability to communicate with the dealer is a major part of the live casino charm. Players will also use this function to ask dealers for help and to gain feedback on the game.

Smalltalk is permitted, again it is part of the experience, but there are certain topics that dealers are forbidden to talk about and these are politics, religion and sex. If a player tries to initiate such subjects, the dealer can just divert and talk about something else. Players that repeatedly fail to follow this rule or behave rudely and abusively can be reported and banned from the live casino.

The Essential Aspects

Being a dealer can be a rewarding experience but it is not for everyone. Casinos require a lot from their dealers and the process can be an arduous one. Part of what makes a good dealer is in the fact that they make the process look effortless.

Dexterity in dealing, understanding all the rules, a great attitude and the ability to follow instructions and to take criticism are all very important aspects in a dealer.

With the job always changing and technology improving, dealers also need to be flexible and adaptable. New rules can be added to games and new technology to the live casino system, making it important for dealers to constantly practice their trade in order to remain at the top of their game.

At the end of the day, being a dealer can be arduous, and whilst live dealers don’t have to interact with players in the same manner as their land based dealer counterparts, players would do well to treat their dealers with the respect that they undoubtedly deserve.