Big Winnings on Live Casino

Live casinos can be quite a lucrative way of making some money. There are multiple high stakes games on offer, all catering to different players.

These live casino games can payout very well, much like high rollers can earn bug bucks in a brick and mortar casino when playing table games. But are they as lucrative as progressive jackpot slots?

What Is A Live Casino?

Live casinos are still quite new to the online casino world. Live casinos operate in almost the same way that a land based casino does.

They offer a wide range of table games, which usually include roulette, blackjack, baccarat and a couple of different poker variants. The setup is simple. The software provider has a studio set up to look like casino rooms. In each of the rooms there are the various games set up, complete with a live dealer and a large number of video cameras with which to pick up and record all the action. Players can access the games through their online casino and simply need to wait for a seat to become available at the game they wish to play on.

Once settled at the table players’ place bets as they would on the virtual games. The player’s screen will show the live dealer and setup, as the high quality cameras will send these feeds through to the player. The screen is then overlaid with a virtual one that allows players to select where and how they want to bet. It is also through this screen that players can make decisions such as hitting, sticking, folding etc throughout the game.

Any decisions that are made will pop up on a screen for the dealer to see so that they know what the player has chosen to do and then they can deal or spin accordingly.

Live chat function

It is possible to chat with the dealer though a live chat box on the corner of the screen. As with player decisions, dealers can read these messages and then will answer the player verbally and directly.

There are a number of additional features present in the live casino format that can be very helpful to players both new and old. The use of the virtual screen means that players can see hot and cold numbers, game histories, stats and more, all in an effort to help the players.

Live video feeds have been improved over time and now show multiple angles of the tables thus showing players all areas of the action. With varying stakes games and a plethora of gaming information, armed with good strategies and a level head, it is entirely possible to win big on a live casino.

What Are Progressive Slots?

Most slots have a simple jackpot that remains at a fixed amount. It is still big enough to aim for but it is nowhere near as monumental as the jackpots from a progressive. Progressive slots have jackpots that grow when they are not won and as players play them. A small percentage of each coin that players use to bet on the spins is fed into the jackpot.

3 different types of progressive slots

Within the genre of progressive slots there are three different types. The first are the standalone progressives that have a jackpot ticker attached to the game. These are usually to be found in land-based casinos and only players that play on that specific machine will add to the jackpot. These offer the lowest progressive jackpots, which are usually in the range of 10 000 euros.

The second option is the local progressives. These progressives grow faster than the standalones because they are linked to other slots within the casino. It can be a dozen machines linked to as many as a hundred. These jackpots usually sit below a million.

The last progressive is the wide area network progressive and thanks to the popularity of online casinos, this is the type predominantly seen today. These link slots across casinos and can even be linked worldwide. Needless to say these jackpots can rise very quickly and have often been in the tens of millions before someone wins. Microgaming, NetEnt and IGT have all produced highly successful and well-paying multi-million progressive slots in recent years.

There’s no strategy – just luck

Whatever the progressive being played, there really is no strategy that can improve the chances of winning. Slots are purely based on luck and the odds are very similar to those of lotteries.

Mega Moolah, Wheel of Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams

The only difference being that playing a slot means that there are more chances per hour to win then there is with a lottery. Some of the most popular and highly paying jackpots are the Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming, and Wheel of Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams from NetEnt.

Big Live Casino Winnings

As with all casino games, the big wins really come down to a matter of luck. Players at an online casino have just as much chance of winning big as anyone else. However due to the very nature of the games at a live casino, there are no instant big cash payouts. Players will have to go through the game step by step, playing hand by hand or spin by spin to get their winnings up. Playing on a low stakes table will not help in this endeavour.

High stakes games

Of course there are always a large number of high stakes games in blackjack, roulette, baccarat and hold’em in the live casinos. VIP tables are potentially the way to go, as these will offer a higher maximum bet on each individual hand.

By default, the more money you can place as a bet, the more can be won. Many high rollers frequent online live casinos and will leave having made a lot of money. VIP games will also offer massive bonuses and other awards, so if a player can afford to get into a VIP program or game, they may well reap a lot of cash rewards, though not necessarily directly through the live casino.

Recently though, casinos have been trying to entice slot players over the realm of the live casino. This has been done by offering bonus spins on specific slots only if a player plays or deposits a certain amount of cash into a live casino game. This method has brought in a number of new players to the live tables.

After playing the tables, a player may have accrued a certain amount of cash plus they have the free spins. It is therefore entirely possible to hit a jackpot in this manner, though progressive slots tend not to be featured in free spins rewards.

Casino Hold’em Live Game from Evolution Gaming

With all this being said, just this year Evolution Gaming has released a progressive jackpot game tied in with its Casino Hold’em live game. The Jumbo 7 Jackpot is integrated with the live hold’em game and launched with a 1 million euro jackpot. It is believed to be the largest progressive in a live casino game.

In order to qualify to play on the Jumbo 7 Jackpot, players have to play Evolution Gaming’s live Casino Hold’em and place a side bet on the jackpot. The side bet is separate from the Hold’em hand so the outcome of the jackpot bet and the hand in hold’em do not affect each other.

This means that even if the player is losing in hold’em, they can still potentially win on the Jackpot game. To keep the progressive jackpot increasing, a tiny per cent of each of these side bets is placed in the jackpot helping it to grow.

There are two different ways to win this jackpot. Firstly there are a number of fixed prizes that players can win simply by getting specific poker hands within the hold’em game. The second way is to get the top prize and therefore the jackpot. In order to get this the player needs to have a straight flush of seven cards. However, at this point it is up to each individual casino as to whether they will offer this side bet or not.

This type of jackpot has long been a feature in land-based casinos, but this marks a first for online live casinos and could well be a game changer.

Big Progressive Slots Wins

In recent years there have been a number of really big progressive slot wins at online casinos. With such a large number of progressive jackpots on offer it means that there are more chances to win them. A number of providers in particular offer up rather exceptional progressives that have, in recent years, paid out in the multi millions.

Payouts from Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah

A prime example is NetEnt’s popular Mega Fortune progressive slot. Recently this slot paid out a whopping 17.8 million euros to a single player. Other players have also found similar luck on Mega Moolah from Microgaming, many of these wins being in the multimillions.

It all sounds too good to be true, and for the most part it is. Slots are purely luck based. Players can spin just a few times and hit the jackpot or spin forever and never win. In that sense it might pay better to head to a live casino where a player has slightly more control over the game.