VIP Free Spins

Part of what draws players to a specific game or site is the lure of a great bonus offer. Bonuses can come in many forms – no deposit bonus, match deposit bonus or free spins. The latter can often be quite lucrative when played on a good slot game, allowing players to continue on with their winnings elsewhere within the casino. These types of bonuses are always available to newcomers, but what about those who are already seasoned players?

There are a number of programs that VIPs can join so that they too can benefit from bonuses. In fact many casinos offer both VIP and loyalty programs, with the latter option, in some cases, open to regular players as well. Outlined below are the different extra bonus options for the long-term player.

VIP Bonuses

For the most part, general VIP bonuses tend to work along the same lines as the regular bonuses. However there are extra bonuses that normal players won’t be able to access. This is because, in order to keep high paying players around, casinos need to make them feel special.

Some of the extras offered to VIPs include faster payouts and also higher withdrawal limits. This may not seem like much but it can make the world of a difference in how one views a casino.

Often VIPs will also get personalized gifts to make them feel welcome and at home. A friendly atmosphere is a relaxing atmosphere and one much more conducive to playing and spending money.

Free Spins

VIP bonuses often include free spins on various slots. These usually involve a small number of free spins being offered, usually between ten and twenty to be played on a specific slot game.

Unlike other types of free spins though, quite often those offered to VIP players are just that, free. They do not have any of the strict wagering requirements attached and are simply there as an enjoyable bonus.

The wagering requirements are waivered because a VIP is already guaranteed to be spending large sums of money within the casino.

Cash Back

One of the big rewards for VIPs is a cash back bonus. These can be absolutely huge and are exclusive to the VIP program only. A cash back bonus is simple, players will place a wager and if the player suffers a loss, a small percentage of their net loss will be returned as compensation. Needless to say, the bigger the wager, the larger the payout on a loss will be.

This can be helpful to high rollers and beneficial to the casino too as the money will inevitably be put straight back into the casino. Due to the nature of them paying on a net loss, these are usually calculated and then paid out on a weekly basis. Some of these cash back bonuses can be as high as 40%.


Other bonuses can be something as simple as holidays, paid stays in hotels, tickets to tournaments, concerts and more. In some cases these are offered on a weekly basis, others on a monthly one, but they are always regular.

The more expensive the gift and the higher the frequency they are offered demonstrates not only the quality of the VIP program but also how valuable the player is to the casino as a whole.

Customer Care

A final VIP bonus comes in the form of customer support and care. Whilst support is usually very good these days in casinos, the support for a VIP is at a whole other level.

Often a VIP will have a personal phone line and specific VIP chat rooms guaranteeing fast service. In some cases there may even be a specific manager that will help VIPs in choosing games, providing strategies and generally providing gaming tips as and when required.

Loyalty Bonuses

Once a player has become a VIP they are usually placed in a loyalty program automatically. These programs will award the player with points depending on the game they played, the amount they spent and the amount they deposited. As the player accrues points, they move up the bonus ladder and once again will be awarded with bigger and better prizes along with more frequent bonuses.

Regular players can also experience a loyalty program. These will run in the same manner as the VIP one just on a much smaller scale.