Try Casino Slots For Free

The dream of many an online casino player is to be able to win money at no risk to themselves. This may seem a farfetched dream to most of us – nothing in life is free right? But actually there are a number of ways to actually make this possible. Whether a player utilizes free spins, a no deposit bonus or simply plays a demo, playing for free online is a distinct possibility.

Outlined below are a number of different methods that players can use to try their luck without actually spending any of their hard earned cash.

Try Slots without Making a Deposit

Bonuses are commonly offered by casinos in order to bring in new players to their site. This means that it is not hard to find an appropriate bonus.

However there are a few different options out there and all will vary in the minutiae depending on the casino that is offering it. Players need to pay attention to the terms and conditions at all times to be able to maximize the effectiveness of the bonus and to not get caught out unexpectedly.

No Deposit Free Spins Bonus

The first way to play slots for free is the no deposit free spin bonus. This is offered very frequently at many casinos online. It can vary from as few as 10 free spins to as many as 100. It is therefore at the player’s own discretion to do some research to find the best offer they can. To get this bonus player’s need to sign up and register an account.

Players should follow the casino rules and need to be eighteen years of age to play. Fraudulent accounts will be shut down and winnings confiscated. Once the account has been activated, the bonus free spins will be added to the account. Usually these are only valid on a specific game or games but this will be clearly stated in the information of the bonus itself.

Play with free spins

Once the bonus has been awarded to the account, it is then time to get playing. Players simply need to open the game and accept that they want to play with the free spins they have been awarded – this is important because at this point there is the option to still play with money from the player’s own account.

Of course free spins do not have to be used instantly but these types of free spins bonuses do often come with a time limit, usually a month, and if they are not used within this time period they will expire. Once playing with the free spins, players get the chance to experience what that specific slot game is about and how it plays. All free spins bonuses will only play the lowest coin value offered by the game but they will play the maximum number of paylines.

If you win with free spins

If the player is lucky enough to win some money with these free spins, this money will instantly be credited to their account. The winnings can then be used to play more on the same game if desired or the player can then play their winnings on another slot game or even virtual table game within the casino.

If the player does not care about withdrawing the winnings then playing any casino game with the money simply to gain experience is fine. However, if the player is intent on eventually withdraw the winnings that they have made, it is necessary for them to abide by the wagering requirements that accompany the free spins.

No Deposit Bonus

Another option to play slots without making a deposit is by finding a casino that offers a simple no deposit bonus. As with the free spins bonus, a no deposit bonus simply requires the player to register an account.

Multiple accounts are not accepted

Please note that multiple accounts at the same casino will be frowned upon and is written into all casino policies that this in not accepted. If this occurs the player will be banned from the casino and any other casinos affiliated with them. In addition any winnings, bonus or otherwise, can be confiscated.

No deposit bonuses do not pay out large amounts of money, in fact they are usually limited to just 5 or 10 euros. However, for a new player simply wanting to test out some games, this is more than enough provided they play at the low end of the spectrum. The plus side of a cash bonus is that it can be played on any slots, unlike the free spins, which are restricted to a certain game.

As with the free spins, playing with the no deposit bonus can result in some decent cash wins. These can be played on any game within the casino but as with the free spins will be subject to some stringent wagering requirements.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are the number of times the winning amount of money needs to be played before it stops being bonus money and can then be withdrawn.

For example, if the player managed to win 10 euros and the wagering requirement is 30 times, then the 10 euros must be played through 30x before it can be withdrawn. In this example it means that a total of 300 euros must be played through the casino by the player. This is entirely possible if the slot the player is playing on has a high RTP and the player is lucky.

It should also be noted that usually the wagering requirements must be reached within 30 days of having accepted the bonus. Failure to do so will simply result in the bonus winnings disappearing from the player’s account.

If a player is really lucky, they will find a casino that offers either of the two previously mentioned bonuses with no wagering requirements attached. This means that any winnings made can be withdrawn immediately thus increasing the likelihood of players walking away with some free money. The only caveat here is that there is usually a minimum withdrawal limit and quite often these winnings will be small, falling below this amount.

Casino Slots For Free: Playing a Demo

The last option is the only one that will not yield the player any money. For the most part, casinos will offer demo versions of all their slot games and some of their virtual games as well.

To take advantage of this is simple. When the slot game is opened, there is an option to play or to use the demo. Clicking the demo version will give the player the exact same game complete with a generous imaginary bankroll. As the player plays, the bankroll will decrease or increase in accordance with how the game is going.

Being able to play a demo game with such a large budget means that the player can test out a number of different playing options, for example it is possible for the player to play the maximum paylines at the maximum bet level. Options can be changed around so that the player can see the differences that a variation in the bets will make and all of this can be done at zero cost to the player.

Try new slot games

Using the demo game option also allows players to test out most of the slot games in the casino repertoire. However there are a few slots that are always unavailable for these demo versions and these are the progressive slots.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots cannot to be played due to the fact that they rely on the addition of a new player to the game for the jackpot to increase. As the demo will not be offering any money, there is no increase so these games are not available in this fashion. For those players who wish to try out a progressive jackpot slot, they will need to do so via a different method.

Whichever method a player uses to play a slot for free, it is still a fun and rewarding experience. Even for those that don’t win any money, they have still gained valuable experience and may now have a better idea as to which slot games payout better, which have better bonuses and which ones have the highest RTP. Players can also learn which games have the best bonus features.

Many of the slots have their own bonus free spins that can be won throughout the game and in some games these are easier to acquire. Playing on a large range of games will increase the player’s knowledge so that they are more able to choose the best games and the ones with the best bonus options, therefore increasing their chances of winning once they decide to play with real money.