Free Spins Jackpot

Free spins are one of the most commonly sought after bonuses from an online casino. The thrill of playing a slot and winning is already a big one, but winning without spending a cent is even better.

Many players seek out free spin bonuses from casinos all over the Internet in an attempt to create winnings without losing any of their own hard earned cash.

Win a Jackpot with Free Spins

Quite often the free spins bonus is paired up with a match deposit bonus, but the free spins will be awarded regardless of a deposit. These free spins normally have to be played on a specific slot in order for the player to redeem them.

Many people labour under the misapprehension that the slot games that have the free spins bonus attached to them are not the best slots available. It is often assumed that the free spins are placed on these games because there is little to no chance of wins being made. But this is far from the case.

RTP – return to player

Many of the common slots that are used for the free spins actually offer a wide range of bonuses within the slot itself, including even more free spins, making them rather lucrative games in their own right even without the option of free spins. Many of them, such as Neon Staxx, Twin Spins and Starburst have very high return to player rates accompanying a low variance, which means that even though the wins won’t necessarily be high, they do occur often.

This is exactly the type of game needed in order to fully utilise free spins and potentially get some big wins out of them.

Using Free Spins to Progress to the Progressives

Players should note that while it is indeed possible to win some big jackpots by playing directly with the free spins, the really big jackpots such as the progressive jackpot games like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune Dreams are never available for play using the free spins bonus.

In order to be able to play on progressives without using any of their own money, players need to be lucky with the free spins on the initial game. Once the free spins are over, the player can then play their winnings on any slot game they choose, and this is where they can then move over to a progressive slot game.

Wagering requirements

If player is lucky enough to win a jackpot through their bonus wins, they then have to make sure that the original bonus money gained with the free spins is played through in accordance with the wagering requirements.

If the jackpot is big enough, this shouldn’t be too hard to achieve, and whilst the player may indeed lose some of their large winnings, the hope is that the jackpot will be big enough to cover this anyway. Once the wagering requirements are fulfilled, the player will then be able to withdraw their winnings with no fear of repercussions. The only thing to note here is what the maximum withdrawal limit is for that specific casino.

It is entirely possible to create money from nothing on a casino but it does require luck and patience. If a player has time they can simply sign up to casino after casino and accept all the free welcome bonuses at no cost to themselves. They can play through the bonuses at each place in the hopes of becoming lucky and when they have used that bonus up, move onto the next casino and try again.

Multiple accounts are forbidden

Players should be aware that it is not permitted to make multiple accounts at the same casino. If a player is caught then the penalties are high. Both bonuses and winnings can be forfeit and the player can be banned from the casino and any other casinos affiliated with it.

On occasion free spins may be awarded with no wagering requirements whatsoever. In this manner, any money made from a slot will instantly be credited to the players account. This can then be withdrawn instantly or the player may choose to continue playing with the hopes of hitting a jackpot win.