Casino Bonus

These days every online casino offers a casino bonus. These can come in a number of different forms but essentially they are all there to promote the specific casino and to bring in and keep new customers. Simply put, a casino bonus is an offer of either extra bonus money or free spins to a player. With so many casinos online, it is necessary for each of the betting companies to try and stand out from the rest, hence the bonus offers.

Try new games and casinos with your casino bonus

Players can benefit from a casino bonus just as much as the casinos themselves. These bonuses provide the players with the chance to test out a brand new casino at no cost. It also allows them the ability to play on games that they may otherwise not have tried out.

These bonuses can also provide winnings, which, providing the player adheres to any wagering requirements that are attached, are available to the player to walk away with, often with no money put down by the player at all.

Casino Bonus Ladder

The most common form of bonus on offer is the match deposit bonus. In this case the player needs to sign up and register for an account with the casino and then place some money into their account before the bonus will be offered. Usually there is a minimum deposit amount of around 10 euros.

There tends to be a maximum deposit amount as well but this will vary depending on the casino and its bonus offer. Some casinos will pay out a bonus on as little as just 50 euros whilst others can be up to 150 euros.

Look further than %

The amount of money that is matched can also vary from a 50% match to a 400% match, making some bonuses potentially very lucrative. However it is important to make a note of the maximum deposit amount as the casinos offering higher match deposit percentages often tend to have a lower maximum deposit.

For example a casino that offers 400% might have a top deposit of 50 euros making the total amount of money to play with 200 euros. Whereas a casino that offers only a 100% match may allow deposits up to 150 euros, therefore providing the player with 300 euros in total to play with. For this reason it is very important to check all the fine print before jumping onto what looks like the best bonus.

Many casinos will also offer this match deposit bonus in the form of a bonus ladder. This means that the bonus doesn’t simply apply to the first deposit but can continue on over the second, third and even fourth deposit.

Downward bonus ladder

Some casinos offer a downward bonus ladder. This means that the first deposit will yield the most. For example the first deposit might be a match of 100%, the second at 50% and the third just 25%. Other casinos will opt for keeping all the deposits at the same amount, and still more will fluctuate, with often the first and last deposit bonuses being the most lucrative.

Check all details

It is important to check all the details in a bonus ladder as the maximum deposit amounts may vary between deposits as well.

These types of bonus ladders can be extremely beneficial, and enticing, to players in that they get additional money with which to play on a regular basis.

Free Spin Bonus

Another popular bonus offered by casinos is the free spins bonus. Most often players will see this offered in conjunction with a match deposit bonus, as the two tend to come hand in hand, however on occasion a casino will offer it as a freestanding bonus. Free spins are usually attached to a specific slot game, though as to which one, this is dependent on the individual casino.

Need to register

To get this bonus, players need to register an account with the casino in the same way that they would for any casino bonus. Some free spins require a deposit; others do not, so it is important that players check the requirements before signing up.

Once the free spins bonus has been activated, players simply need to open the slot game that the free spins can be played on and get spinning.

Players will note that the free spins that are played will be of the lowest coin value offered by that particular game.

Wagering requirements

The winnings gained from playing these free spins can be quite lucrative. However, it is important to note that free spins, for the most part, will come attached to wagering requirements. These are the number of times the winnings must be played through in order for the winnings to be withdrawn from the player’s account.

Failure to comply with the requirements can result in the winnings getting confiscated, the player not being eligible for further bonuses, or worse, being banned from the casino entirely.

Cash Back Casino Bonus

Cash back bonuses are bonuses that will actually refund a small percentage of the player’s overall losses within a specific time period. Many casinos offer this type of bonus but players will need to search a little in order to find them. On occasion, players may find a cash back bonus that offers a percentage back on their net winnings rather than losses.

Cash back bonus is more common at live casinos

This type of bonus tends to be offered more regularly in a live casino setting than other bonuses and can often be available in daily, weekly or monthly offers. Sometimes they will disappear quickly because they will only be valid for a specific day so players will need to keep their eyes peeled to make the most of them. Each cash back deal will have its own conditions attached, meaning players need to read through these very carefully prior to accepting the bonus.

Always read the details

There are a number of things to check out before jumping excitedly onto a cash back bonus. As mentioned previously, some of these will only be for a specific day so it is important to check the expiry date of the bonus. It is also important to check any other terms and conditions, such as wagering requirements, limits in deposits and whether it only applies to specific games in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

As with other bonuses there are also amounts and percentages to consider. Some will offer 25% on amounts up to 100 euros, others more or less. Players should check around to find the cash back bonus that best suits their style of play and budget.

Usually no wagering requirements

Cash back bonuses are among the better bonus offers that players can find online. In addition to offering a small percentage in compensation, these bonuses do not tend to be bogged down with wagering requirements, making them hugely attractive.

No Deposit Bonus UK

On occasion a player may stumble upon the rarest yet most sought after bonus – the no deposit bonus. This bonus only requires a player to create an account with the casino in order to receive the bonus money. As the name states – no deposit is required, making this money free money. Usually the amounts are small, not more than £10 in some UK casinos, but for many novice players this is more than enough to get started.

No deposit bonus limitations

Players should make sure to read through any requirements attached to this bonus money because it’s important to know whether it can only be played on certain games and if there is a play through wagering requirement attached. Regardless of what limitations come with this type of bonus, they are well worth snapping up.

Even if no wins come of it and all the money is lost, the player is not out of pocket and instead will have simply gained further practice and a feel for a new casino. Depending on their enjoyment of the game, the casino may even have gained a new player.

Casino Bonus Wagering Explained

Most bonuses have wagering requirements in place, meaning the winnings that are gained from a bonus cannot simply be withdrawn. They also can’t be played on any games that the player wishes if the requirements are to be fulfilled.

This means the players will have to be careful about where they place their bets when they use the bonus winnings. Usually the requirement is that this bonus money will need to be played through a certain number of times before a withdrawal can be made.

Not all games will contribute to this requirement and it is usually only the slot games that contribute 100%, though this will vary between casinos and is a very important aspect to check out before playing.

VIP Bonus

VIP bonuses don’t have to simply apply to the high rollers. Depositing a large amount or simply being a regular and loyal customer may entitle a player to this status. Sometimes a casino will automatically sign a player up to the VIP program, other times it might be necessary to ask for it, this will simply depend on each casino’s policy.

VIP or Loyalty program benefits

Once in a VIP or Loyalty program, players can expect a multitude of extras and bonuses. These can include such things as bonuses on a birthday or other special occasion. Sometimes it is gifts in the form of smartphones, chocolates or even tickets to high profile sporting events or concerts.

It can also be invites to exclusive events such as high roller tournaments both on and offline. In addition, VIP players tend to be assigned a manager who is then available for all questions and help that might be needed. In other words, being a loyal customer will reward quite handsomely.

Make sure your casinos VIP program suits you

Different casinos have different programs so players who wish to play long term should look at these later options as well as the initial welcome bonus. It is inadvisable to jump straight onto the first bonus that is seen.

Some casinos will also offer a separate VIP welcome bonus for those who are prepared to place a larger deposit in their casino. Like regular welcome bonuses, these VIP bonuses also come attached with wagering requirements that usually range from 25 to 50 times.

If played well, a casino bonus can truly aid a player in their quest for fun and winnings online.