Free Spins

Standing out from the myriad of other competitors is a must if a casino is to be successful and what better way to do it than to offer free spins. Free spins are, as the name suggest, real spins on slot machines that are given to players for no extra charge. You can visit Livecasinokings for several free spins offers on popular casinos.

Quite often these free spins will only be for a specific slot and in the outline of the promotion this will be clearly announced so as to avoid confusion. On some occasions the free spins may be available on any slot but this type of bonus is incredibly rare.

Open game and click spin!

To play these free spins is simple. The player needs to open the correct game that the spins pertain to and simply click spin. The software will automatically register that the player account has a bonus attached and play the spins automatically.

These will be set to the minimum bet however so as to reduce initial revenue loss by the casino.

Free Spins No Deposit UK

Often free spins come as part of a no deposit bonus in UK casinos. To take advantage of this offer, players simply need to sign up and register an account. There is no need to activate the account in any way or to place any money inside, hence the no deposit aspect. Directly after the registration is complete, the free spins will be awarded to the new account to use.

Make sure it’s the correct game you play

Once the free spins have been claimed it is important to then play them on the correct game. Attempting to play on a different slot that is not part of the bonus will result in money coming out of the player’s account or the player simply being unable to play the game at all if their account is empty.

Usually though, the casino will give a pop up or some other announcement to alert the player that they are playing the correct game and are using the free spins. Many casinos will give the option to use the free spins or not prior to the player starting to spin.

New casinos – generous with free spins

It is not hard to find free spins however, because as mentioned previously, there are a lot of online casinos. Most online casinos will offer them as a matter of course. There are also new casinos being launched on a regular basis that will offer players free spins as well.

Free Spins Winnings

If a player is lucky the free spins will award some excellent cash prizes and then these winnings can be used on other games.

To clarify, only the free spins have to be used on a specific slot. After the free spins have been used up, any winnings created by the spins can then be used to up the bet on the same slot or then used on different games within that casino’s library, thus affording the player the option to continue testing out other games at no added cost to themselves.

Check rules and requirements

These winnings can potentially quickly accumulate to the point where the player will want to make a withdrawal. At this point however, is where the rules and requirements attached to the spins will come into play.

Free spins – wagering requirements

Almost all free spins will come attached to wagering requirements. On a few very rare occasions a casino will offer free spins with no wagering requirements but this is not an oft-occurring bonus. If it is spotted, players are advised to snap it up instantly. Most wagering requirements involve the player having to play through the winnings gained through the free spins a certain number of times. This can vary from as low as 20 times all the way through to as much as 50 times.

Playing through winnings

Playing through winnings means that if a player wins 10 euros, that value has to be played through 30 times if that is what the wagering requirement demands. This means that 300 euros will have to be wagered into the casino before any winnings can be retrieved. In addition, there are usually rules as to which games the wagering requirements will apply.

For the most part, the wagering requirements will apply 100% on slot games so it is better for players to stick to slots to get through the requirements as fast as possible. Table games such as blackjack or roulette may or may not have play through options and if they do, they tend to be worth only 30%.

In this way, whilst free spins may seem to be a great way to win some free money, it doesn’t often work out that way. Of course that doesn’t mean it is impossible as there have been a number of instances of players getting a good win without depositing any money into the casino. It is just harder than one would expect.

Follow terms and conditions

It is very important to follow these wagering requirements as attempts to withdraw any winnings from this bonus may result in closure of your account, and if there is any money of the player’s own within the account, this can be lost too.

Alternatively the player may simply be banned from making use of any future bonuses. Therefore it is always important to check the terms and conditions before choosing which casino to take the bonus from.

Free Spins When You Can Deposit

Many casinos offer free spins with a deposit bonus. The deposit bonus free spins require the player to create an account and to register with the casino. Unlike the no deposit bonus however, the deposit bonus free spins do require the player to make a small deposit into their account.

Usually there is a minimum deposit which is around 10 euros; though this will vary between online casinos and is something that player’s should be aware of.

For the most part, this type of free spins usually comes accompanied by a match deposit bonus. This is where the player will make a small deposit, for example 10 euros and the casino will match it. This can vary from as little as a match of 50% all the way up to the 400% mark. For the most part, a casino will match deposits to 100%, meaning the initial 10 euros deposited becomes 20 euros with which to play.

Bonus ladder

It should also be noted that a deposit bonus quite often comes in a number of stages. Sometimes these bonuses can span three or even four first deposits and will offer the player a ladder of bonuses during this time.

For example some casinos will offer 20 free spins with the first deposit and then more, or less, with the next deposit, and so on until the player reaches the top of the ladder. Other casinos will simply keep offering the same number of spins for each deposit. Again this is something to check carefully in the fine print when looking for the perfect free spin bonus.

As with the no deposit free spins, there are strict wagering requirements and these are usually the same as those previously mentioned. Playing through the winnings 30 times over does seem to be the general standard across all casinos and bonus spins.

Live Casino Free Spins

Live casinos are still a relatively new addition to the online gaming scene so they, like other casinos, try to bring in new customers by offering enticing bonuses. A live casino employs real dealers in a real room to deal and spin in the exact same way a dealer would perform in a land based casino.

The difference here is that none of the players are in the room with the dealer but rather sitting comfortably at home watching the process via live camera feeds and communicating their desires to the dealer through an instant chat function. There are no slots in a live casino, however the bonuses attached to the live casino may still include free spins.

Try something new with free spins

Usually live casinos are attached to a regular online casino complete with slots so the bonuses tend to reflect that. These types of bonuses are aimed at encouraging players to branch out to something new, i.e. playing at the live casino, with the incentive of offering something familiar – free spins on slot machines. A typical live casino free spins bonus will offer a certain amount of free spins to the player if they wager a specific amount in the live casino.

On occasion, these free spins come with no wagering requirements attached so it can be well worth splashing out the little extra for some fun in the live casino with the hopes of winning some free money on the slots afterwards. It should be noted though that whilst there are no wagering requirements, the free spins tend to still apply to a specific game only. This is one of the better bonus options as players really do have the potential to walk away with cash prizes at little to no cost to themselves.

Sign up to multiple casinos

For the most part, free spins can be lucrative if used properly. Even if no money is won at the end of the session, players are not usually out of pocket and have been able to enjoy some free time to get a feel for the game and the casino as a whole.

It is important for players to check around at a number of casinos to see what games can be played and what the wagering requirements are before settling on a particular bonus. It is of course perfectly possible to sign up to a number of casinos in order to make use of a particular bonus.